Rental Application

To expedite your application process please submit the following documents:

1. Passport or Divers License.

2. Social Security Card.

3. Proof of income ( can’t be over 30 day’s old) If self employed please include all tax return papers (to qualify,applicant  MUST have NET income of at least 3 x the rental mount)

4. A recent utility bill.

5. $ 55.00 Application fee and $ 20.00 for second or co/applicant (NON refundable), Please fill out attached to the rental application CC Authorization form

Download Rental Application Here »
Fax your application to 1.800.423.1586 you may also email us your application

Please note that after the approval of your application YOU will need to call to schedule a lease signing date. Please note that the lease signing date CANNOT be done the same day. Please allow 48 hrs after you have been approved to sign your lease.



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